Talking with your Guides

Talking with your Guides

A spiritual service where you can openly talk with you Spiritual Guides, ask questions about important subjects in your life or about the moment you’re going through.


It’s a service exclusively created for you, in which you will contact the most important Guides for you at the moment.

During the talk, they can share:

  • energy transmitions

  • energetic work for dissolution of beliefs or ancestral challenges 

  • practical meditation exercises exclusively to you

  • counseling about personal subjects in any area of your life (example: career, relationships, health)

What is it?

  • Duration: 1h to 1h30

  • Channeler: Lina Ogima

  • The meeting is done through: Video or audio call (Preferably through Zoom, so you can receive the audio file after)

  • Recomendations: Have you questions written down before the meeting, have a glass of water around, be receptive to their words and energies

  • Value: US$35.00 (transferred via PayPal - account informations will be sent privately after session is confirmed)

  • The channeler is always conscious, no incorporations happen

  • Their messages can come through images and sensations that will be described to you, but mostly they speak directly using the channeler’s voice

About the session:

"My reading with Lina left me both encouraged and inspired. I was especially impressed with her getting from my guides solutions to situations that had never ocurred to me. I only cried a little, and they were cleansing tears" - Brad Walrod's testimonial

"I had one of the most beautiful, encouraging, empowering, emotional experiences. Lina made me feel very close to my guides and angels. I laughed and cired and got insights and practical advice. It was a truly fun and happy talk with my guides!" - Alena Ilenčíková's testimonial






To book sessions: DM on Instagram (below)

WhatsApp (from 9am to 7 pm GMT-3):

+55 11 98253-5455

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Uma plataforma para trazer alento e apoio para o seu processo de auto-conhecimento e descoberta espiritual

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