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Consult Archangels

Consult Archangels

A spiritual service where the channeler invites the Archangels who can help you the most. You can ask questions about important subjects in your life.

During the session, they can:

  • do transmissions of unconditional love

  • clear and align your chakras

  • do energetic work for the dissolution of ancestral roots and beliefs that are blocking your evolution 

  • counseling about personal subjects in any area of your life (example: career, relationships, spirituality)

Any counseling regarding the future is based upon your current moment, they can change because of your choices or other people's choices. They respect your free will above all and will always respect Divine Will, whatever comes is supposed to help you in your path!

What is it?



  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Channeler: Lina Ogima

  • The meeting is done through: Video or audio call (Preferably through Zoom, so you can receive the audio file after)

  • Recommendations: Have you questions written down before the meeting

  • Price: US$44.00 or €44 (transferred via PayPal - account information will be sent privately after session is confirmed)

  • The channeler is always conscious, no incorporations happen

  • Their messages can come through images and sensations that will be described to you, but mostly they speak directly using the channeler’s voice

About the session:




To book sessions: Please send an e-mail, or send a direct message on instagram (on the icon below)

Hours: from 9am to 7 pm (GMT-3)

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